We understand the demanding and busy schedules of working individuals and families. We can handle advance work for newcomers before you arrive in town or follow-up tasks after you depart.

A Lighter Move is particularly skilled in assisting older adults and their families . We understand the health and lifestyle issues that often accompany residence changes. We have a number of tools to assist with maintaining a sense of equilibrium in chaotic times, scaling furnishings to meet lifestyle and in preserving memories in meaningful ways.

Our floor plans will give your living space an open, fresh look. Staged homes sell 70% faster – we can help. We also can assist with scaling back on things to be moved and help you achieve greater cost savings.

A phone call or email will get you started. We look forward to the pleasure of serving you.


  • Preparing & Overseeing Your Personal Moving Plan
  • Floor Plans for your new home
  • Sorting Service to identify what will be moved, donated, sold or given to others
  • Engaging movers and re-sale specialists
  • Inventorying & Packing possessions to be moved
  • Collecting receipts for donations and other tax pertinent information
  • Handling details for utility transfer, appliance disconnection, address changes – for mail, subscriptions, doctors, pharmacy, donation receipts and other services
  • Coordinating repairs and staging of home to be sold and new home repairs and accommodations


A Lighter Move can provide an objective perspective and lead you through the process of “keeping the best (and the needed) and getting rid of the rest!” A simple call to schedule a home assessment visit will get your project rolling. A Lighter Move can provide cost-effective assistance with:

  • Developing routines for keeping clutter at a minimum
  • Home reorganization to support your personal paperwork processing, record keeping or hobby
  • Selling marketable furnishings
  • Routing usable goods to charities
  • Scheduling large volume disposables pickups

A cluttered home environment drains your energy and can often present a safety hazard. You deserve a personal space that welcomes and supports you! Real estate professionals know that A Lighter Move is the go-to service for getting a residence in shape for optimal showing. We can manage your whole readiness project or any arrangements for:

  • Selling, donating, clearing goods
  • Turn-key cleaning
  • Grounds cleanup
  • Scheduling repairs
  • Staging

When property owners are unable to be present for reorganizing or cleanup projects due to illness, business, time or other residence constraints, A Lighter Move is the timely, reliable professional alternative.

Have too much in your closets?…in your garage?…in your kitchen?
Is paper taking over your home?
Is the safety of your home passageways compromised by encroaching furniture and “stuff”?
Is your space “out of control” due to illness or lack of time to keep up with things?
Need to get a home cleared, staged and put on the market for sale?

Converting New Residence to “Home”

  • Turn-key readiness of your new home …arranging cleaning, décor, furnishing, food and supplies.
  • Connecting you to ongoing support services in your new location

Out of Town Moves and Temporary Residence

  • Coordinating packing/unpacking services at other community within a national network of professional colleagues
  • Previewing rental residences on your behalf
  • Coordinating turn-key preparation of residence for your arrival



  • Overseeing moving day crews
  • Scheduling cleanup of former home
  • Unpacking and disposal of packing materials

Life Transition Services

  • Researching community resources for newcomers
  • Reducing Clutter with space re-organization
  • Identifying resources for adaptive living

Estate Closure

  • Facilitating disposition of personal property, including collection of tax receipts
  • Arranging termination of utilities and services
  • Arranging cleaning and waste removal
  • Cost
    A personal proposal will be prepared for your consideration based on the needs discussed at your free, no obligation assessment session. All materials and service discounts afforded to A Lighter Move will be passed on to you.