Are you wondering how to stretch 24 hour days to help relatives move, or make a major life transition, AND fulfill your full time job and other personal responsibilities?  A Lighter Move can facilitate your whole project or support your family with the personalized services you select.

If you and your parents live in different cities,  you can save on the expensive running back and forth and  keep your life in better balance.

At times, family circumstances call for the compassionate objectivity that an outside party provides.  We at A Lighter Move understand the impact that many later life changes have on all family members.  We have both the professional training and experience of getting work accomplished in these sensitive circumstances.

A Lighter Move is prepared to help you by:

  •  Supporting your parent professionally with the same kind of attentive care you would like to provide yourself
  •  Developing a project and communication plan for your family that will keep you in the loop
  •  Supporting your parent through the moving process with care to help sustain a sense of equilibrium in chaotic times, to scale furnishings to meet lifestyle changes and to preserve memories in meaningful ways
  •  Coordinating preparation of a residence for sale, including things like sorting, personal property liquidation, repairs or maintenance services and home staging
  •  Researching  or providing referral information about  housing or local ongoing support services that your family might require

Power of Attorney

When someone with Power of Attorney contacts us to request services for a senior who needs assistance, we are happy to work with this agent. In doing so we  include the seniors, in whose homes we work and whose things we handle, in the planning and decision making.