Relocation and Transition Management

We’ll Handle the Details So You Can Handle Your Life



Moving or revising living space for lifestyle changes involves many decisions that can be complex and take a lot of time. Choose how you’ll spend your time and energy to your best advantage and call A Lighter Move to help you with your project in and around the Asheville, NC area.

Move Preparation

Preparing & Overseeing Your Personal Moving Plan
Floor Plans
Inventorying & Packing
Staging Home to be Sold

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Out of Town Moves and Temporary Residence

Services at another community within a national network of professional colleagues

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We provide an objective perspective and lead you through the process of “keeping the best (and the needed) and getting rid of the rest!

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Move Execution

Moving Day Before & After
Scheduling Clean-Up

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Converting New Residence to "Home"

Turn-key readiness of your new home…arranging cleaning, décor, furnishing, food and supplies.

Connecting to Ongoing Support Services

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Life Transition Services

Researching community resources for newcomers
Identifying resources for adaptive living

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What Customers Say About ALM

…There are no words to adequately express the gratitude I feel for what you did. My family could never have managed without you.

Nicki B.

…The money I spent on my move and your services was the best I have spent in a long time.  I can’t thank you enough for your help and how well orchestrated everything was.  Singing your praises to everyone I talk to!  Your crew and you are wonderful.

Gerd S.

…I found the “ALM” team to be efficient, friendly, time on task, most cooperative, hard-working, pleasant, provided emotional support with my transition, concerned about creating a warm and cozy environment for my new apartment home, provided many helpful suggestions both before and after move, drew maps of the area to help me get around more efficiently, definitely helped relieve me of stress and encouraged me along the way.

Don W.

…ALM has thought of every single aspect of a move!  Words cannot adequately express how much this help meant to us in this difficult move.  We are so grateful and are spreading the word!

Anita F.

…I am so thankful ALM was recommended.  Trying to move my Aunt and living out-of-town was very stressful for me 3 years ago.  This time with ALM was so WONDERFUL!  Everyone was so patient and kind in dealing with my 89 yr. old aunt.  Everyone knew just what to say and how to treat her whenever they saw she was getting anxious.  You guys were truly a life-saver and a blessing.  🙂

Beckie N.

…Thank you once again for the outstanding service that you and your crew provided for my mother and myself regarding her move on Friday!  I never imagined that a move like this could be made so easily.  You showed such care and compassion for my mother as you carefully and lovingly packed…moved…and unpacked her possessions.  We were both amazed at how much her new apartment felt like ‘home’ by the time you packed up your things and left at the end of the day.  Again, we could not be more pleased!

Pam M.

…This was a priceless service!  Having moved so frequently , we always did it ourselves.  What a wonderful, stress-free service!  They were all simply great and we would hire them at the drop of a hat.

Peter T.

…We can’t say enough about the service that A Lighter Move provides.  It was truly amazing how organized, proficient and friendly the staff was.  It was like having a magic wand-POOF- and the entire move from packing, to moving,  to total re-assembling at the new location was completed.  It was completely ready to move in  with a welcoming card and flowers to boot.  My mother opened the door at her new residence and was instantly at home with all of her possessions neatly in place.  What a great service!!!  It removes all of the stress from the moving process.  Our family is sincerely grateful to Ann Bass and A Lighter Move staff.

Bill and Judy M.

…I would suggest to others that they consider using a move manager because it is as close as one can get to leaving a familar home through one door and opening a second door and finding the same familar things in their proper place.  Reflection reveals I couldn’t have accomplished it without many added hours of personal effort.

Phil O.

…The ladies always do a great job.  We have used their services twice and plan to use them again in our next move.

Brandi M.

…I never knew there was such a thing as a “move management” service.  I would suggest to others that they consider using a move manager because deciding what to move, how to pack, hiring a mover is stressful and overwhelming.  A move management service relieved the stress and made decisions so that I didn’t have to.  Before I moved I was concerned about everything!  I’d never really made a major move as I’d lived in my home for 50+ years.  ALM took over and managed everything.  The staff made me feel comfortable and confident.  They knew what to do; a very professional, congenial, throughtful and considerate staff.

Jane H.

…I wish I could say more, but I’m a bit overwhelmed with work after taking most of last week off, and all the attention my mom has needed in her transition.  Please let all the caps speak volumes: THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Your help, guidance, effort, and knowledge are a ministry indeed.

Paul F.

…I was most happy with your outstanding packing, unpacking and demeanor through it all.  I would surely recommend “A Lighter Move” to any friend or person needing care that is dependable.

Eva M.

…I was very, very pleased with the move.  Everything was handled so professionally and I had no trouble finding everything.  Again, I thank you and your staff.  You deserve a big hug for doing such a good job moving me.

Neil B.

…Thank you so much!  We really could not have done this without you.  Mom is settling in so much more smoothly because of your service.

Beckie T.

…This is by far the easiest and least stressful way to move.  Ann and her crew were very easy to be with.  They seemed concerned with doing a good job.

Jim S.

…Thank you and all of your team so much for your amazing efforts to organize, pack up, move, arrange and resettle my Mom at her new community.  You offer a uniquely valuable service and a warm demeanor that eased what could have been an agonizing transition.

Le Ann A.

…Thank you again for your incredible generosity and kindness in helping me get my two boys off to high school this year.  Your assistance turned an overwhelming job into something very manageable.  I can’t thank you enough.

Allison P.

…Thank you for everything!  You absolutely exceeded my expectations. I am so appreciative!

Gayle M.