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Moving, organizing or downsizing involves many decisions that can be complex and take a lot of time. Choose how you’ll spend your time and energy to your best advantage and call A Lighter Move to help you with your project in and around the greater-Asheville, NC area.

  • Moving Prep
    • Preparing & Overseeing Your Personal Moving Plan
    • Floor Plans
    • Inventorying & Packing
    • Staging Home to be Sold
    • Estate Closure
  • Move Execution
    • Moving Day Before & After
    • Scheduling Clean-Up
    • Unpacking
  • Organizing & Downsizing

    We provide an objective perspective and lead you through the process of “keeping the best and getting rid of the rest!

  • Settling In

    Turn-key readiness of your new home…arranging cleaning, décor, furnishing, food and supplies. Connecting to Ongoing Support Services

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What Clients Say About ALM

The only way I’ll ever consider moving again will be if Ann Bass and her incredibly talented crew/team is with me every step of the way and beyond. Together they ensure the confidence and peace of mind you need to emerge ready to start your new life in your new home. That says it all!

Carole R.

From my initial meeting with Ann to the last day exit after packing, moving, unpacking and placement of my possessions, I was overwhelmed with the detailed organizational skills and the loving care with which the entire team handled my possessions and left my new home organized and ready for me to live in! At the end of the last day everything was in place, the packing materials were gone and I had an awesome night’s sleep in my bed that was made and ready for me! I highly recommend A Lighter Move to anyone moving anywhere in our area! They made the move painless, stressless and very easy for me to experience.

Pat W.

We want to thank you and your team for all the wonderful help you gave us as we moved into a new place and a new place in our lives. You were there, always. You had ideas and were creative. You had resources and put them to use, pulled them out at just the right time and always were cheerful and willing to “go the extra mile,” which I think you did with our move and the broken bed among other things. The movers were dynamite and helpful and honest. Your packing team went above and beyond…everything was so well packed we could have moved across the world and all would have been well.

Judith H.